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For over 15 years, the U.S. Department of Labor has participated in the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.  Although the race is not work related, we have organized a team and competed in several races, finishing in the top half of our division.  As of 2020, there are two teams representing the U.S. DOL. 
Both running teams have no official affiliation with the U.S. Department of Labor, other than the fact that the members are made up primarily of active or retired employees of the department.


The newest DOL team is known as "TEAM BLACK" and first competed in 2016.  In its second year of competition (2017) and third year (2018), TEAM BLACK earned  mugs and finished in the top half of its division.

"TEAM GOLD" has competed in 15 races since 2004 and earned nine mugs thus far. In the 2019 race, they again earned a mug for their 3rd place finish in their division, making it to the winner's stage for the second time in a row in DOL race history.. 


The Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay (B2V) is a non-work related relay race made up of 20 stages that cover 120 miles from Baker, CA to Las Vegas, N.V.  The finish line is located in the convention center of the Rio Hotel & Suites. 


In 2004, Jose Medina (WHD) started the first DOL Running Team. He was later promoted to Texas and he recruited Rudy Cortez (WHD) to take over the team. Marty Wiger (EBSA) later joined Rudy and Jose to lead the team. The trio successfully put together the first team that finished the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.


After the 2007 race, Rudy stepped down as team captain. Jose Medina (WHD), Todd Bruininks (OWCP) and Danny Pasquil (WHD) joined forces to serve as co-captains for the next eight years. They organized teams that finished in the top half of their division, earning five mugs in eight years.


Due to the popularity of the B2V running team over the years, Danny was asked to start a second team and lead that effort as captain of  "Team Black" in 2016.  Meanwhile, Todd and Jose recruited Matt DuFresne to join them as co-captains of the "Team Gold."

The 2020 and 2021 B2V races were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.










meet the staff



Todd first participated in 2004 and became a co-captain in 2008. He served as co-captain of DOL's only team until 2016, when he became the Captain of DOL Team Gold.

Todd Bruininks

Captain - Team Gold

Coach Dannys 5k 2019.2.jpeg

Danny first ran in the 2007 B2V.  After that race, he joined Todd and became a co-captain for the 2008 B2V. After the 2015 race, Danny started a new team and became captain of DOL Team Black.

Captain - Team Black

Danny Pasquil

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